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Counselling and therapy in South West London, Tooting Broadway: Alison Dale, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist and Counsellor in Tooting Broadway, SW17

When you`re experiencing emotional problems, you`re worried, anxious or down, it can be just at those times when it feels so difficult to reach out and ask for help. Talking regularly in a confidential setting with a qualified therapist/counsellor might just be of value to you

Regular once weekly sessions - either face to face or online - with a counsellor would offer you a chance to talk through your worries; think about where you are right now; find out more about yourself and, over time, give you more choices about your future

My name is Alison Dale. I am a fully qualified and accredited psychodynamic psychotherapist

I offer once weekly face to face and online (video or audio) psychotherapy sessions for adults who are looking for help with emotional and psychological problems

My consulting rooms for psychotherapy Tooting Broadway, and Counselling South West London, Wandsworth, SW17, are 5 minutes walk from Tooting Broadway, (Wandsworth) underground station (Northern Line) and 10 minutes walk from Balham station overground. My counselling practice is in South West London and in easy reach of Balham, Tooting, Wimbledon and Wandsworth

In this website you will find information about me, my experience, qualifications and the process of psychodynamic psychotherapy

Perhaps you`re currently suffering from anxiety; maybe you`ve got depression; perhaps you`re experiencing problems in your relationships or with family members; or you`re stressed out at work; or you`ve got issues with addictions or obsessions. Maybe something has suddenly changed for you in your life and you are not sure how to deal with it, not sure where to go ..........then how about setting up an initial meeting with me to see if psychotherapy is for you?

For counselling and psychotherapy Tooting Broadway, South West London, Wandsworth: If you`re interested in an initial consultation, please get in touch

All communications will be treated in the strictest confidence

Contact details:

Mobile: 07709 186892

When you ring, leave a message with your name, contact details and date and time of your call. I will return your call promptly

For counselling AND psychotherapy Tooting Broadway - You can also email me:

[email protected]


My consulting rooms for psychotherapy AND counselling South West London, Tooting Broadway, Wandsworth, SW17 are at:

  • Gatton Road, London SW17 OEY (nearest Tube: Tooting Broadway (Northern Line)

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  • Why Therapy?

    Sometimes we face problems in our lives which seem difficult to get through on our own. Friends and family can be helpful but often it feels as though they are too near to us or the issue. We need to speak to someone whom we don`t know but someone who is understanding, empathic and supportive. Someone who is skilled at listening; someone who does not judge or advise but gives us time and space to explore those very issues that are troubling us. This is where a trained and qualified psychotherapist and counsellor can be of assistance

    Perhaps you`ve been feeling depressed recently. Perhaps you`ve noticed you always seem to have difficulties relating to others. May be you`re unfulfilled in your job or your life and you realise you`ve been feeling this way for some time. May be you`re anxious a lot of the time or stressed out, but you can`t seem to find a reason for feeling the way you do. May be you have problems with eating, alcohol or drugs or other addictions

    You may have had some counselling before and you`re feeling that you`d like to try it again. But this time, perhaps you`re thinking you want to look at your issues in more depth. This is when talking with a psychotherapist, regularly, and for an extended period of time, might be of help to you

    It is important to choose the right therapist for you. I am a psychodynamic psychotherapist offering one to one psychotherapy Tooting Broadway, SW17. An explanation of this type of therapy is given in the following pages

    For psychotherapy South West London, Tooting Broadway: My consulting rooms are in Gatton Road, SW17

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    How to get in touch for psychotherapy and counselling in Tooting Broadway

    Contact me for an initial consultation to see if this might be the right kind of therapy for you

    Contact details:

    Mobile: 07709 186892

    When you ring, leave a message with your name, contact details and date and time of your call. I will return your call promptly

    For psychotherapy and counselling Tooting Broadway -You can also email me:

    [email protected]

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